Useful Links

UHPLC <-> HPLC Transfer Calculator

Download this Excel spreadsheet to help scale UHPLC separation conditions to legacy HPLC systems (and vice versa!)

Scouting Gradients Calculator

Download this Excel method development spreadsheet to help select conditions for initial gradient scouting runs and to interpret the scouting run results.

On-line texts and courses:

Basics (for students)

Magazines & Journals

Most analytical chemistry journals include liquid chromatography papers. These journals and magazines listed here specialize in chromatography.

Discussion Groups (US)

The US has a number of local/regional discussion groups that focus on chromatography. These groups usually have regular meetings, and their web sites are often extremely valuable reference sources.

Message Boards and on-line discussion groups.

You can learn a lot about HPLC just by “lurking”, but don’t be afraid to post questions and, as you get experience, to answer questions posted by others. We’re all in this together!

  • Chromatography Forum: We may be just a tad prejudiced (we host this one), but it’s a great site, with great give-and-take from users.

Other Chromatography Links

We’re not quite sure how to categorize these, so let’s just say they are repositories of useful information, including even more links:

The LC Troubleshooting Bible: A compendium of John Dolan’s “LC Troubleshooting” columns in LC-GC Magazine from 1983 through 2016 with index and keywords.
HPLC Simulator: a free, online resource for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) simulation, education, and more..
USP Column Equivalency Application: Two databases comparing selectivity of different HPLC columns.
HPLC Selectivity measurements on almost 700 columns from > 30 manufacturers
Some Useful Links for Chromatogaphers: From Douglas D. Frey, Professor, Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource: An extensive compilation of information about mass spec.
A “Little” Mass Spectrometry and Sailing:A personal site belonging to James Little with a lot of useful information and links on GC-MS and LC-MS
Chemistry Resources: Heretical as it may seem, there is more to chemistry than just chromatography. This site belongs to Carlos Lopez of Universidad de Antioquia (Columbia) and has a tremendous set of links.