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This is a compilation of John Dolan’s LC Troubleshooting columns from LC-GC magazine from 1983 through September 2016. It is provided in the form of a Webhelp file that can be read with any browser. All of the articles are included as pdf files in chronological order along with a keyword-searchable index to let you zero in on specific topics of interest.
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Analytical Training Solutions is the leading global portal for fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Comprehensive, self-paced online courses and validated learning provides a unique education resource for analytical chemists.
DryLab® is a powerful tool for HPLC method development. Originally developed at LC Resources, inc, it is now sold and supported by Molnar Institute
Helps match columns of “equivalent” selectivity for column substitution or identify columns of “orthogonal” selectivity for method development has trained over 1,000 scientists world-wide in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food industries, in addition to private contract laboratories, government, law enforcement, public health, and environmental sectors.

Principal instructors Frederick Klink and O. David Sparkman have decades of practical experience to share with course participants, providing training that you can use immediately in the lab. Courses are updated regularly to incorporate the latest advances.

Download this Excel spreadsheet to help scale UHPLC separation conditions to legacy HPLC systems (and vice versa!)
Download this Excel method development spreadsheet to help select conditions for initial gradient scouting runs and to interpret the scouting run results.
Classic texts on HPLC and MS are a must for every laboratory. You can order these books from Amazon simply by clicking the book cover images.
A compilation of various useful links for chromatographers: courses, journals, discussion groups, and suppliers.
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