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From Tom Jupille | John Dolan
If you have more than a half-dozen or so people who could benefit from LC Resources training, give us a call to arrange an On-Site Course that suits your particular training needs. This is an excellent way to maximize the value of a course for your specific requirements. We can present any of our featured courses at your site, or we can create special courses ranging from one day in-lab instruction with some theoretical background to subsets of any existing course. Among the many benefits to you, our on-site courses are:


Courses are held at your facility during hours that fit your staff’s schedule. We can adjust the course duration and timing to accommodate your lab’s workload or shift scheduling needs.


Let’s face it, one size does not fit all. We can adapt the content of any of our standard courses to focus on the techniques that you use most often and on specific problems encountered in your lab. We send course material to you ahead of time so that we can incorporate content suggested by you and your staff — and our instructors can respond in detail to specific questions relevant to your analyses.


Because we bring the courses to you, you don’t pay travel expenses for multiple staff members. Depending on travel distance, we can provide on-site training to your whole department for less than the cost of sending a half-dozen people to an open-enrollment course.


All of your staff members are taught the same techniques and logical approaches to troubleshooting and method development for consistent solutions to HPLC problems.


Our On-Site Courses allow open discussion by your laboratory staff of specific issues relating to confidential projects. If you wish, we can sign a confidentiality agreement. You can then rest assured that information will not leave your site.

Virtual On-Site Courses Allow Flexible Schedules

For many facilities, having everyone “off-line” for two days can significantly disrupt laboratory or production schedules. To ease this problem, we can provide some or all of our instructor interaction by means of web conferences held at convenient times for your staff, with additional individual interaction via a dedicated on-line discussion board. A typical schedule would be two hours per week over a six-week period. No specialized equipment is required — simply a conference room with a computer, projector, and speaker phone.

To discuss On-Site Courses options, call (925) 297-5374 or e-mail info@lcresources.com with a brief description of your training needs, and we’ll call you with details.

“On-site” and “Virtual On-site” courses

Mass Spectrometry Courses

“Live on the Web” courses in Mass Spectrometry are presented by our colleagues at mass-spec-training.com

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