2017-11s. The Best of LC Troubleshooting: A Farewell to John Dolan

John Dolan retired as editor of “LC Troubleshooting” in October 2017. This special supplement to LCGC honors his 34 years as column editor. It contains several contributions compiled as a single pdf here, including an introduction, an article wrote of his reminiscences, six selected column previously published, an an interview by Dwight Stoll that appeared last month. The complete contents are listed on the second page. The links are to this compilation or to the database entry where the original articles appeared.

LCGC 35(s11) 6-34 (2017)

  1. Introduction: The Man Who Taught So Much, Laura Bush
  2. What LC Troubleshooting Has Taught Me, John Dolan
  3. Rules of Thumb, April 1988
  4. LC Columns — The Top-10 List, March 2003
  5. My Favorite Shortcuts, November 2004
  6. A Baker’s Dozen, September 2005
  7. Seven Things to Avoid in the Liquid Chromatography Laboratory, January 2015
  8. Only Three Things, April 2008
  9. 34 Years of LC Troubleshooting: An Interview with John Dolan, Dwight Stoll, October 2017