2015-11. Detective Work, Part I: Simplify the Choices

How to get started in the process of identifying the problem source for column-related problems.

LCGC 33(11) 844-847 (2015)

John W. Dolan

Errata: Note that there was a transposition error in this and two associated articles. In the referenced table, the words “Symptom” and “Cause” have been reversed. That is, “Cause” should correlate with the vertical column at the left and “Symptom” with the contents of the table (Pressure, Tailing, etc.). These problems occur in:

V33(11) p. 848, Table 3 (Nov. 2015); V33(12) p. 896, Table 1 (Dec. 2015); V34(1) p. 22, Table 1 (Jan. 2016)

For a corrected version of this month’s column online, see: http://www.chromatographyonline.com/detective-work-part-i-simplify-choices?pageID=1