2007-2. How Little Can I See?

With trace analysis, a lower limit of detection is always welcomed.

LCGC 25(2) 142-152 (2007)

John W. Dolan


There is an error in equation 1 of this month’s column. See LCGC 26(5) (2008) for complete explanation.

In the November installment of “LC Troubleshooting” [LCGC 24(11) 1184-1190 (2006)], the y axes in Figure 1 were mislabeled. The y-axis scale for Figure 1a should be 0-3.0 AU, and for Figure 1b in should be 0-1.4 AU.

In the December installment of “LC Troubleshooting” [LCGC 24(12) 1274-1278 (2006)], there is a mistake in equation 5. It should be: TF = wtotal/(2 wfront) [5]