2006-1. Obtaining More Consistent Results

LCGC North America and its companion publication, LCGC Europe, are targeted for chromatographers in the United States and Europe, respectively. Sometimes I wonder whether or not the same types of problems are encountered by workers in liquid chromatography (LC) on both sides of the Atlantic. As I write this installment of “LC Troubleshooting,” I have just completed three weeks of teaching LC short courses in Europe. I can assure you that the content of the questions I get in these classes is the same, no matter where they are taught. This column is based upon questions gleaned from the most recent courses – you can see that there are no national borders for LC problems.

LCGC 24(1) 30-36 (2006)

John W. Dolan

ERRATUM: (see April 2006); Figure 1 on page 32 has the gradient overlays in the two chromatograms reversed. Figure 1a is for a system with 3.5 mL dwell volume and should have been the overlay that is shown in Figure 1b, and vice versa.